ALL END TIMES Bible PROPHECY POINTS TO A Revived ISLAMIC Empire As a Caliphate in Iraq/Syria area in the End Days!

ISIS Pale Horse Rising The 4th seal

End Times Bible Prophecy
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A quick Introduction to the Videos

From Daniel to the Book of Revelation

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Each video is approximately 10 to 15 minutes 

What Type of Antichrist are you expecting? You may have been mislead. Please view these videos to see if you are watching for what the LORD has told us to watch for.  
(approximately 45 minutes altogether)

1 -Olivet Discourse (1)

2 -Daniel's 70 weeks (1)

3 -Daniel's 70 weeks (2)

4 -Back to Olivet Discourse (2)

Do you know where this leader of a last days caliphate will come from? The scriptures tells us exactly where the caliphate will arise. That is why I could tell you about a Caliphate arising in Iraq and Syria in this video made years before ISIS even existed.  (approximately 14 minutes)

5 -Gog of Magog
On to the Book of Revelation
Understanding the order in which to read the visions to John

  • How can we know the Caliphate is the beast of Revelation?
  • What has already taken place in the Middle East that fulfills the first through third seals? What about the Trumps? 
  •  When will the resurrection and the rapture take place?
  •  What city is the mystery Babylon the Great according to the scriptures?

6 -Beast of Revelation

7 -The Four Horsemen 
(approximately 15 minutes) (approximately 15 minutes)

8 -Sixth Seal and the Rapture 

9 -Harlot Babylon


ISIS Pale Horse Rising.

Book-Pale Horse Rising
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Chapter 1
Statue Dream
Chapter 2
4 beasts of Daniel
Chapter 3
Ram & Goat
Chapter 4
King of the North
Chapter 5
Olivet Discourse pt1
Chapter 6
70 Weeks of Daniel
Chapter 7
Olivet Discourse p2
Chapter 8
Gog of Magog
Chapter 9
Beast of Revelation
Chapter 10
Seals, Trumps & Bowls
Chapter 11
Rev 12
Chapter 12
The Harlot Babylon
Chapter 13
2nd beast of Rev 13
Chapter 14
Image of the first Beast
Chapter 15
2Thes- Restrainer
Chapter 16
Islamic Empire

chart- Revelation
Seven Letters to the Churches

The Olivet Discourse side by side printable charts

The fulfillment of Biblical prophecy is proof that God exists, not only to the Jews and Christians, but the message goes out to the unbelieving world that God is the "I AM".   Only an all seeing, all knowing, God could tell His prophets beforehand what would take place over thousands of years.   With each fulfillment it was, and is, like a shout going out to the world declaring His Holy name and that of His Son, Jesus Christ, who brought Salvation and everlasting life to all who will believe.

We are living in the time when prophecies concerning the end days are being fulfilled. All these things will declare His Holy Name.

Thank You and God bless