My Testimony

I asked Jesus into my heart at a tent meeting when I was 20, that was 52 years ago. My husband had pretty much forced me to go. I had no interest in being around Christians like that. I called them milk toasts, meaning weak do gooders. But I suddenly I found myself walking up front, crying my eyes out, as I asked Jesus to come into my heart.   It was the most wonderful feeling in my life.  I became abnormal at that time.  I was a normal person before that.  Now I believed with all my heart in someone not seen.  The Bible calls it being born again and that's what it felt like.  Soon after that the Holy Spirit filled me up until overflowing. I became what was called at that time "charismatic".  My aunts told me it was satanical.  They were wrong.

The first time I spoke in tongues I cried. I saw my little brother like a glossy picture in my head, and I wept, but suddenly I began to laugh, full of joy.  Everything was going to be okay with him.  It was about a week later when my brother, who lived back east, called. He told me that he had died and the doctor had called his death. He had floated above himself, viewing his dead body. He heard the nurses in the hall talking about his death.  He said he kept asking God to not let him die like this. That he couldn't hurt his mother like this.  He said suddenly he was back in his body and sat straight up, scaring the heck out of the doctor. He was able to tell the nurses what they had said about him! This had happened the same day that I had prayed in tongues and had cried and then laughed in joy.  He also became a christian.

This began a very abnormal, according to my friends, walk with God.  The Lord began giving me visions and dreams.  One was what I called a life dream. I wrote it down, it was eleven hand written pages.  I put it in the desk drawer and soon forgot about it as the years passed, but from that dream I knew I would have two boys, move many times, end up in a motor home traveling, and shown the scenery.  Also, how much the motorhome would cost and that it had a broken step and that I would tell someone, "don't step on that it is broken".

Yes, we moved many times and as the years flew by and our boys were older, we moved back to California.  I became a teacher of Graphic arts/design and computer graphics.  When we were packing, I found the dream I had written down at the bottom of the desk drawer. It was yellowed but still readable.  I was shocked how much had come true to that point but there was much more to come.  Our next move was to end up with a huge rock in the middle of our living space.  What?? Yep, there was a rock, because we had decided to move in with my husband's father in his hundred-year-old home in gold country.  My husband had given up his business to move and had to make a decision of what firm he would work for, so we decided a few months of resting, gold panning and exploring was in order, before committing.  My father-in-law's basement was very large, but in the middle of it was a huge rock. The house had been built on a hill, pretty much around the protruding bedrock.

So, life went on and our oldest son had moved out and youngest had moved back to Oregon to help take care of my mother after my father's death.   The time had come for the last part of the dream to take place.  Traveling for the Lord.

In 1991 the Lord had begun teaching me about the order for reading the Book of Revelation.  This can be read at my website Pale Horse Rising.   It has been 30 years since I began that work.   Just the other day I asked God why He had started me on this work, with such a sense of urgency,  when it would be so many years before the end would start. His answer was because the first 4 seals and trumps began back then and it was fresh in your mind.  I doubt I would recognize it now for what it was.

As a teacher, which I believe the Lord aarranged that job, I also taught the printing press. This turned out to be very important in the scheme of things.  I was able to take all that I had written about the order for reading Daniel and Revelation and print my own booklet. In our travels, to 10 western states, we would be putting that booklet on the door of every church we came across.

To back track a little here, to the motorhome. I knew we had to sell everything we had, buy a motorhome, climb in and just start driving. Ha! My husband was not happy about that.  He also had to put it all on the line and work out of pure faith and a crazy wife that hears from the Lord. He often jokes about that.

Where we lived there were a lot of car lots but no motorhomes. We would have to go across the bay to buy one, but I talked my husband into going out looking anyway.  Believe it or not there was one old motorhome up on a ramp, like a show piece,  in the middle of a car lot.  So, we went to look. The inside looked just like in my vision, but it didn't have a broken step, and the price was way more than I was told it would be.  I told the salesman it was too much and he said, well, give me an offer. He laughed when I said how much, but still said, let me go pitch my boss.   We actually began walking towards our car as he went in the office.  Suddenly the door burst open and out comes the boss, with our guy and another guy following behind him. He was furious as he poked at the calculator in his hand, and he had a news paper under his arm. His face was red and he was yelling at the other guy following him.  I looked at my husband and said let's get out of here! We moved closer to our car when our salesman ran up to us. Wait! he said, my manager wants to talk to you.  The manager said, Okay, you got a hell of a deal!  We have to go by what the ad said in the paper. This idiot got the monthly payments wrong and it adds up to exactly what you offered! You got that price from the ad, right??   Both of us stood there with a dumb look on our face and didn't answer.  What would we say? God told me that's how much it would cost.   We followed them back to the office and worked everything out, but didn't sign anything until we could have a mechanic check it out.  They agreed.  My husband had to work the next day and so I asked the salesman if he could drive it to the mechanics. I was timid about driving it. He agreed and I followed him. As he turned into the mechanics driveway, he scraped the side on the curb and sent sparks flying.  He was embarrassed. I laughed and said, gee, I could have done that good driving it myself.

When we got back to the apartment, that we had moved into while selling everything off and giving our letters of resignation to our perspective jobs, we parked it at the curb, so no need for the steps.  We decided to drive to a cousin's place as a test run.  When we were giving them the tour of our new little home, my husband put the steps down. When I stepped on them I almost fell down. I said, whoa, don't step on that they're broken! My exact words I had said in the vision.  You guessed it. It happened when the salesman scraped the curb.  Now, the motorhome was perfect. Chosen by God. However, it was an easy fix with a new weld.

Out of the hundreds of visions, dreams, words from the Lord, that I have had over these many years, all of them have come to pass as given, accept four end days visions that will come true at the given time.  Many miracles happened while on our trip to hand out the booklet. I could go on for hours telling visions and dreams and how they came true, but I won't. I'll just say it has been amazing and it builds my faith and all who lived them with me, and now all that hear them.  God is so wonderful!

We ended our 4 months-10 states on the road by settling, for the second time, in Oregon.  On April 27, 1997 the Lord gave me a vision of what I was to do for Him now.  I gave my notice to quit my job the next day and bought a used computer that was capable of going on line. I then started my first website called The Order for reading the Book of Revelation. I thought the end times would start any day.  Everything was lining up. I thought Saddam would create the caliphate as king of the North, that the Bible pointed to, in Iraq, after all, he was the rider of the white horse of the first seal of Revelaion, but time went on and nothing was really happening by Oct 1997
Before going to sleep I had prayed to know more about Saddam and his being the last king of the North.

    In the  dream I am in bed, asleep. I open my eyes. It is pitch black and I see something  is being written on the wall in bright letters. But it is in a language I don't understand, but I recognize it as Hebrew. (The block lettering of their alphabet). I was concerned and said, "I can't read that, and I can't memorize it".
    More writing began underneath it. This time in letters I could read, but I didn't know what the words meant. When it is done I said, "Yes, I can remember that, because the first and last words are the same word". "MENE TEKEL MENE". I repeated it a few times, afraid that I will forget the vision in the morning.
    Suddenly someone is next to me. I look at him and I say, "I can read it,  but I don't remember what those words mean". (recognizing the words from Daniel).
    He said, "Yes, you do".
    I say, "Oh, yah. It means something like; his days are numbered".
He smiled, in an amused way, but with love, and I know it is because of the simplistic way that I have put it.
Then he said, "Yes, his days are numbered".
In the morning I awake repeating the words in my head "MENE TEKEL MENE", over and over until I am fully awake.   These are two of the words used in the Book of Daniel 5:26,27 and was written for the King of Babylon. He died the next day and his kingdom was given over to Media Persia.

     MENE-God has numbered your kingdom and put an end to it.
     TEKEL-you have been weighed on the scales and found deficient.
     PERE- your kingdom has been divided and given over to Media-Persia.

     In My vision it didn't contain the word "PERE", so it wouldn't be taken over by another empire. The Lord would just put an end to his kingdom.

MENE-God has numbered your kingdom and put an end to it.
TEKEL-you have been weighed on the scales and found deficient.
MENE-God has numbered your kingdom and put an end to it.

The days of Saddam's  kingdom have have been numbered! It will end but not be given over to another kingdom to rule over it.   I then began to pray about the vision wanting to understand more about it. I got upset with the Lord. What had I not understood? I followed what He had revealed.  So, He kept waking me up all night long. I had a small tablet and pencil next to the bed. I would wake up in the dark, scribble a few words, try to flip the page and fall back to sleep. This happened 21 times.  Here is what I wrote;

1. A child will end it because of his name...
2. Launch with exp
3. Option is due up...
4. I want America..
5. Oct 29th...
6. make a pact...
7. Russia final...
8. Man with a car, hotel
9. Détente ..
10. 7 days...
11. ill from the same
12. It's what you don't do, not what you do....
13. we originally were men in black...
14. branch service
15. Sold out 12 business men...
16. Garry Taylor...
17. No earthquake...
18. 40 days
19. Tomorrow first move
20. too late, deal off...
21. takes two vessels to get it done...
This is how each of these things were written up in the news.  None of the News Items below will open because those files were under my old server that went down.

1. A child will end it because of his name...

2. Launch with exp (expectations?)... (June 21 1997, President Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin agree to consider tougher sanctions against Iraq unless U.N. weapons inspectors certify in October that Baghdad is fully cooperating. ) News

3. Option is due up... (Iraq's option to comply was due up at the end of October.)

4. I want America....(Instead of complying Saddam demanded "I want America take it's inspectors out of Iraq!!) news

5. Oct 29th...(day of event, Iraq made a move before the option was due up on the 31st.)

6. make a pact...  "Indeed, some have told CNN that they believe Iraq might have quietly conspired with Russia to cook up the recent standoff -- to raise the issue of international sanctions against Iraq and to make Russia look good." News

7. Russia final...even though Russia helped to make this Oct. deadline, she now did not support tougher sanctions.  International,  24th October, 1997, "New US sanctions bid blocked". RUSSIA and France have blocked Anglo-American moves at the United Nations to impose even tougher sanctions against Iraq..(because of the pact made with Saddam?) Russia was playing both sides! And Yet they still had the final vote!

8. Man with a car, hotel (I saw this in the dream.. a black limo of dignitary in covered area ) For the Détente meeting.
9. Détente .. 'The Détente- special UN delegation sent to Iraq to convince President, Saddam Hussein, to rescind his orders.' News

10. 7 days... (from Oct 29th until Détente on Nov 4th ..was 7 days,)

11. ill from the same... News Item- (Oct, 2002-03) "Hundreds of passengers contracted the same illness on cruise line's ships."  " But New Cruisers Have Same Symptoms."I only hope this wasn't a test run for bio-terrorism that will later be used to disable the personnel on our battle ships during war time.)

12. It's what you don't do, not what you do ...News Item-Sep 8, 02, DICK Cheney: Saddam seeking weapons.
"The danger of an attack against the U.S. by someone with the weapons that Saddam Hussein now possesses or is acquiring is far more costly than what it would cost us to go deal with this problem.'. The risk here that has to be weighed isn't just what it's going to cost you to do this, it's what will the cost be if you don't do it?''(In other words It's what you don't do, (that you will regret) not what you do)
Pres. Bush said October 27, 2002: "If the UN won't Act, the U.S., in the Name of Peace, Will Lead a Coalition to Disarm Saddam Hussein," .

13. we originally were men in black....News Item-Nov. 20, 2002.  Bush has now asked that the JTF2 also be sent into Iraq. News  "US asks about Canada's Joint Task Force 2 special forces, Nickname; Men in black, which were involved in a number of key operations in Afghanistan, including the capture of suspected al-Qaeda members. They came into public view last year in Afghanistan because of a photo snapped during an arrest of suspected al-Qaeda members. Questions about the "Men in Black" called this because they dress in black from head to toe". (It was revealed that they were super-secret Special Ops out of Canada, but originally the reporter referred to them as "Men in Black"). News

14. branch service... A New branch of service was set up by Bush. News Item-November 25, 2002 The Department of Homeland Security was created.

15. Sold out 12 business men...News Item-November 27, 2002,  CIA: Saudis still sending tens of millions to Al Qaida ..The CIA has traced transfers of tens of millions of dollars from the Saudis to Al Qaida over the last year, U.S. officials and congressional sources said. The key backers of Al Qaida are said to be
12 prominent Saudi businessmen — all of whom have extensive business and personal connections with the royal family. NEWS

16. Garry Taylor... News Item- Wed 11 Dec 2002, "Scientists close to cold cure."  A TEAM of scientists believe they are on the verge of finding a cure for one of
the most severe forms of the common cold.  Professor Garry Taylor, who is in charge of the team, has been working on the project for the past seven years. News

17. No earthquake...Dec 31, 2002, Dan Bohler...Prophesied concerning an earthquake that would hit the West Coast in the year 2002.  But no earthquake took place. He recently said, "I believe that Timothy Snodgrass is correct, that God has interrupted the timeline of world events that were taking place in November of 2002 delaying for a brief time both the war with Iraq and this great quake."

18. 40 days...News Item- Jan 25, 2003- Saddam has been given 40 days to comply. If the Pentagon sticks to its current war plan, one day in March the Air Force and Navy will launch between 300 and 400 cruise missiles at targets in Iraq.

Update: News Item-March 7, 2003 -Saddam did not comply.  United Nations Security Council: Draft Resolution, March 7, 2003.  - Saddam given 10 more days
19. Tomorrow first move....   News Item- March 16, 2002.  The moment of truth. "The diplomatic window closes", says Bush. . Bush Urges Nations to Back U.S. on Iraq Poised for war with Iraq, President Bush and three allied leaders set a one-day deadline Sunday for diplomacy to produce a resolution demanding immediate disarmament of Saddam Hussein.   News Item- March 17, 2003, One day dead-line up for UN.  News Item-March 18, 2003 "Saddam Hussein and his sons must leave Iraq within 48 hours. Their refusal to do so will result in military conflict commenced at a time of our choosing," the president said.

20. too late, deal off...News Item-March 19, 2000. The 48 hours were up 8:00 Est time. It is now too late for Saddam the deal is off, and only war remains as an answer to this.

We have gone to war against Iraq!!!

21. takes two vessels to get it done..., News Item- March 19, First strike . Bombs aimed at hitting "leadership targets" dropped from two F-117A Nighthawk stealth jets, military officials said.  The Nighthawks each dropped two 2,000-pound bombs called Joint Direct Attack Munitions, which are guided by satellite signals."    -The war has begun with these two bombers..

Oh, and the first words on the list:  #1. A child will end it because of his name... ...  Evidently this was Goerge W. Bush.  The first President Bush's child.

In Nov 2000 I saw God's hands stretching time like it was taffy.  I believe this is because we elected George W. Bush. This would bring about the death of Saddam on (Dec 30, 2006).

In 2010 My website server went out of business and I procrastanated in finding a new one for a whole year. In 2011 I was bit by a tick and almost died from the reaction. This promted me to make my files into 9 videos to show the Order for Reading Revelation, since there was no website and no one would know what to do with my files, so if I died it all died with me.  In the video called Gog and Magog I say at the end that when the president (Obama) takes are troops out of Iraq a radical Islamic caliphate will rise up. This was ISIS, which rose up in the old Babylon area of Iraq and Syria. They came on the scene in full force in 2014. All end time prophecy revolves around a caliphate in Iraq, as the king of the North, and Israel.  People think ISIS (the caliphate) is dead but it isn't.

We are now entering that time of the end.  The Lord may stretch time again but since I and my husband will be alive during that time, according to visions,  I am in doubt that there will be any further delays.  We will know in the next few years.

As of today it is July 30, 2021

If you want to know what to expect, according to scripture, then please watch my videos or read my ebook at

God bless