Pale Horse Rising - An Islamic Caliphate
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Islamic Empire

Chapter 16

Map of the Islamic Empire

The countries of  Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Oman, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  and also in North Africa: Morocco,  Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, as far west as Algeria. And the East coast of  Africa, almost to the horn of Africa. At its height it included most of southeastern Europe to the gates of Vienna, including modern Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Romania, Greece, and the Ukraine.  They had invaded the countries between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean including Spain.  Spain was recaptured by Christian kingdoms in the 13th and 14th century although it is 90% Muslim today.

(The history of the Ottoman Empire [the last phase of the Islamic Empire] is one of almost constant warfare. The conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia today is the result of past conflict with the Muslim Turks. Those regions were probably 100% Christian for over 1,000 years, but when the Turks (Islam) invaded they imported Muslim peoples to settle the regions. As you can see the boarders of this old empire is where we see fighting between Christians and Muslims today, as this old empire beings to stretch and flex after a long sleep.)

The only thing that kept Islam out of Europe was the Holy Roman Empire. God's strength against this anti-Christian empire. 

World Map-Muslim Populations Around the World

Sunni-Shi'it populations within Muslim Countries

List of countries with 40% to 100% Islamic (Muslim) population
1. Afghanistan -Muslim (Sunni, 84%; Shi'ite, 15%)
2. Albania-70% Muslim
3. Algeria- 99% Muslim (Sunni)
4. Azerbaijan- 87%  Muslim (Shiite)
5. Bahrain- Muslim (largely Shiite)
6. Bangladesh-83% Muslim
7. Bosnia and Herzegovina-Slavic -44% Muslim
8. Brunei Darussalam- 67% Muslim
9. Burkina Faso-  50% Muslim
10. Chad-Islam, 44%  Muslim
11. Djibouti-  94% Muslim
12. Egypt- 94% Muslim (mostly Suuni)
13. Ethiopia-40% Muslim
14. Gambia-  90% Muslim
15. Guinea-85% Muslim
16.Guinea-Bissau-65% Muslim
17. Indonesia, 87% Muslim
18. Iran- Muslim (95% Shi'ite Muslim,  4% Sunni Muslim)
19. Iraq -Muslim (Sunni and 60% Shi'ite)
20. Jordan- 92% Muslim
21. Kazakhstan- 47% Muslim
22. Kuwait- 85%  Muslim (Shi'ite 30%, Sunni 45%)
23. Kyrgyzstan-Muslim,  (Sunni 75%)
24. Lebanon-60% Muslim (largely Shiite)
25. Libya-Muslim, (mostly Sunni)
26. Malaysia- Malays -100% Muslim
27. Maldives- (Sunni Muslim)
28. Mali-90% Muslim
29. Mauritania- Muslim
30. Morocco- 98.7% Muslim
31. Niger- 80% Muslim
32. Nigeria- 50% Muslim
33. Oman-95% Muslim
34. Pakistan-  97% Muslim
35. Palestinian State-West Bank: 75% Muslim (mostly Sunni)
Russian Republics located in the SE part of Russia,
        36. Chechnya, Ingush (Sunni Muslim)
        37. Bashkortostan. (Bashkir s 21%, a  mixture of Finno-Ugric, Turkic, and Mongolian tribes, are a Muslim people)
        38. Dagestan, mostly muslim
        39. The Kabardino-Balkar Republic 57% (Sunni Muslim)
        40. Karachevo-Cherkess Republic the Karachay-31% Muslims.
        41. The Tartar Autonomus Republic -They number about 5.5 million and are (largely Sunni Muslims)

42. Qatar-  95% Muslim
43. Saudi Arabia- 100% Muslim (Mostly Suuni)
44. Senegal-  92% Muslim
45. Sierra Leone- 40% Muslim
46. Somalia- Muslim (Sunni)
47. Sudan- Muslim 70% (Sunni)
48. Syria-   90% Muslim (74% Suuni)
49. Tajikistan-80% (Sunni Muslim),
50. Tunisia-98% (Sunni),
51. Turkey- 98% (mostly Sunni)
52. Turkmenistan-89% (Suuni Muslim) ,
53. United Arab Emirates-Muslim (Sunni 80%, Shi'ite 16%)
54. Uzbekistan-Muslim 88% (mostly Sunnis),
55. Western Sahara-Muslim
56. Republic of Yemen-Muslim (Sunni and Shi'ite)

Sunni 90%-Shi'it 10%

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