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Chapter 3

The Ram and the He Goat of Media-Persia and Greece

In Dan. 8: 3, Daniel sees a ram and is told that it is Media-Persia, which became a huge Empire conquering most of the Middle East.
Vs. 5 introduces a he goat. This is Greece, under Alexander the Great and in the next two verses we see that he defeats Media and Persia.
In Vs. 6-8 The horn representing Alexander is broken off with his death and four smaller horns come up in it's place. These are his generals who split up the empire creating four main kingdoms:
The Beautiful Land was Israel.  

We are seeing a shifting of how prophecy students view the old prophecies, changing from a Western perspective to an Eastern perspective. When the view was from a Western perspective then certain Empires were assigned to the beasts, heads, and horns, in Daniel’s prophecies and the 7 heads of the beast of the Book of Revelation so that they fit this Western view.
Shifting them back to Middle Eastern empires has brought a new light to shine on the old prophecies and students of this can now view the events of the world today as they are coming to pass.
But there remains two, deeply ingrained, teachings of the Western view that need to have this new light shined on them so that all the scriptures testify to a truly Eastern view.

My hope is to help untangle the mess created by this Western view.

The first problem is loosing sight of the fact that the Beast of Revelation 13 is made up of body parts of the four beasts of Daniel. I have seen where this is beginning to be recognized, but only partially. Somehow the 7 heads that were on Daniel’s four beasts (the leopard had four making 7 heads altogether for the 4 beasts) is not being recognized. Instead the Beast of Rev 13 seven heads are assigned to other kingdoms instead of just the seven that had been shown to Daniel. He was only shown four great empires and one of them (the leopard) had 4 heads or kingdoms.
These seven heads have to be properly identified if we ever hope to truly understand these prophecies.

When reading about the beast of the end days we see that these seven heads are again used to identify where the beast of the end days will emerge from. John is told that 5 have fallen, one is, (in his time) and one is yet to come. For this head that existed at the time of John to be Rome, and the one “yet to come” to be a revived Roman empire then the 7 heads had to be disassociated with the actual 7 heads on Daniel’s four beasts. Seven empires were chosen. Two empires that existed long before the lion beast even came on the scene were added as the two first heads of this seven. Egypt and Assyrian empires, which were pre-Babylonian empires were added. The four heads of the leopard was counted as only one head and this allows for the 6th head, that was still alive at the time of John, to be Rome.

But this goes a little deeper. One more prophecy had to be distorted for this to all fit together and point to Rome. The true understanding of the 4 horns of the goat vision had to be made irrelevant so that when looking at the seven heads the 6th WOULDN'T be identified as a different empire other than Rome.

Daniel 8 was conformed to the Western view when it was assigned certain empires as being the four horns of the Goat (which are the same as the 4 heads of the leopard beast).

Daniel is told that the Goat is the Grecian empire and it will be divided into four kingdoms. However, at first it was divided into many more than just four kingdoms (satrapies), but in the end the four most powerful did emerge. We have been told by scholars over the centuries that they were; the Seleucus Dynasty in Babylonia, Ptolemy Dynasty in Egypt, Antpater in Greece and Lysimachus in Thrace.
With this identification of the four horns/heads, with all four of these horns/kingdoms having already fallen by the time of John, the last one in 30 BC, it seems to make the two prophecies unrealated. So problem solved for those who believe the Western view. In other words the horns on the head of the goat have no relationship with the four heads on the Leopard. Now the leopard can just be counted as one head out of the seven.
If the truth were known that the four most powerful of the satrapies of the Grecian empire were actually;

Seleucus Dynasty in Babylonia,
Ptolemy Dynasty in Egypt,
Antipatrid-Antigonid dynasties in Macedonia,
And Arsaced Dynasty of Parthia.

Then Pathia becomes the 6th head that was still alive in the time of John, which it was. It was not conquered until 224 AD by the Romans. When Rome conquered the Parthian Empire it is written that “The last of the Grecian Empire had fallen”.
With this information then, and only then, do we see perfect harmony between the prophecies of Daniel and those of the Book of Revelation.
The seven heads, or kings/kingdoms of the Beast of Revelation are;

1. The lion-Babylon
2. The Bear-Media-Persia
3, 4, 5 and 6. The leopard of Greece with it’s four kingdoms
7. The last days kingdom- Islamic Empire and revived empire as the 8th who is really one of the 7 come back for round two.
This is only possible to see when Parthia is given it's proper place as one of the 4 horns of the Goat.
Notice that all of these empires stemmed from the Middle East. Rome stemmed from the West.
See  Pathian History and Coins

In Dan 8 God was only making reference to the four of the most powerful dynastys/kingdoms that would emerge out of the empire of Alexander
the Great and those four most powerful were Seleucus Dynasty in Babylonia, Ptolemy Dynasty in Egypt, Antipater-Antipatrid-Antigonid dynasties
in Macedonia, and the Arsaced Dynasty of Parthia.
These satraps (provinces of the Grecain empire) soon began warring against one another for the purpose of taking over all of Alexander's empire and uniting it once again under one ruler. Generation after generation of wars in which each gained land and lost land many times over.
Pathia was a province (satrapy) of the Grecian empire the same as, Egypt, Babylonia, etc. As such it is a candidate as one of the four horns of the Ram (Grecian empire) in Daniel's vision. In time the satrapy of Parthia expanded to the west and to the south, conquering large portions of the Seleucus Kingdom. By the fall of the last of the Seleucus Dynasty to Rome, Parthia at its height controlled most of Armenia, Mesopotamia/Babylon, Persia, and Afghanistan becoming one of the most powerful kingdoms to come out of the Grecian Empire.
Dan 8:9 And out of one of them came forth a rather small horn which grew exceedingly great toward the south, toward the east and toward the beautiful land.
This little horn comes out of one of the horns of the Grecian empire. Now by the process of elimination we can see it is not the south or east horns.
Through history I found that it was out of the Seleucus Dynasty, the North horn (yellow on the map) that began attacking the kings of the South and East and finally took control over Israel fulfilling this verse. He was trying to expand his kingdom and unite the Empire once again, only this time under his rule.

Many people believe this is the little horn of the fourth beast of the last vision. But this little horn comes out of the Goat, Grecian empire, and it is the 3rd beast that is Grecian not the 4th beast so we shouldn't try to combine them into one beast to get one little horn. This is a completely different little horn. This little horn will come up at the end of the empire which he came out of, which was Greece, the goat, but it was at the end of the Seleucid empire, one of the 4 horns that was located in the old Babylon area. God will just keep bringing us back to the area of old King Neb's empire. God tells us what things that this little horn will do and how it will end. 

Greece Splits into Four Empires
Map of Grecian empire
Vrs. 10-12 and it will grow up to the host of heaven and cause some of the stars to fall to the earth, and it trampled them down.  It even magnified to be equal with the Commander of hosts; and it removed the regular sacrifice from Him, and the place of His sanctuary was thrown down.  And on account of transgression the host will be given over along with the regular sacrifice; and it will fling truth to the ground and performs its will and prospers.
Seleucus had captured Jerusalem and held it under Seleucid rule. A Jewish man was trying to bring down Onias the High priest and had failed. He then betrayed his people by going to tell Seleucus of the treasures in the temple and Seleucus sent an army to retrieve the treasures, but then God sent angels to defeat them. So the army returned to tell the king. But Seleucus had died by the time the army reached him and in his place a despicable man had taken the kingship, Antiochus IV.
Antiochus IV was angered when he heard the news and what God had done, so he replaced Onias with Jason, opposing God. He appointed Jason to set up a new constitution and put a gymnasium on the Temple Mount and abolished the services and sacrifices at the Temple at this time.
In Vrs. 13 the question is asked,
"How long will the vision about the regular sacrifice apply, while the transgression causes horror, so as to allow both the holy place and the host to be trampled?"
He is told,
"For 2,300 evenings and mornings; then the holy place will be properly restored."
"For 2,300 evenings and mornings" meaning 1,150 mornings and 1,150 evenings.
The 1150 morning and 1150 evening sacrifices being abolished was what took place when Antiochus IV Antiochus IV  replaced the High Priest, Onias III, (Prince of the covenant) with Jason as High Priest who began Hellenizing Jerusalem. Menelaus then bought the bid for high priest and later killed Jason, but Menelaus was of the line of Benjamin not Levi.  This is a false High Preist, an abomination to God. Menelaus desecrated the Temple, ransacing it and taking the sacred vessels.  This is when the sacrifices would have beeen stopped.
Antiochus IV then went to Egypt for two months and the Jews heard he died in a war with Ptolemy and had a great celebration of his death. Antiochus had not died, and when he heard of this he returned and ransaced Jerusalem, and caused pigs to be sacrificed on the altar and the Jews were forced to either eat it or be tortured to death. Many chose death.  This sacrificing of pig on the altar caused a rebellion among the Jews and it took 3 years for them to defeat Antiochus IV and restore the Temple. The dedication of the Temple became know as Hanukkah. The miracle of the oil.
 I believe that is why the angel said; "And the vision of the evenings and mornings which has been told to you is true." He knew the Jews would not count it from the time of the false High Priest stopping the sacrifices, but instead would count only from the time pigs were being sacrificed to Zeus. That is just my opinion.
God continues to indentify the last days, Northern king, in the next vision given to Daniel called the King of the North.
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