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This is the path through history that God is showing us in the Daniel prophecies. So this is the path I followed and stick to. I am trying to simplify it to just blocks in this introduction.

Chart of the Visions of Daniel by Norma Robertson

First God shows Four Kingdoms or empires that will be on the earth starting with Babylon and ending with the last empire before the millennium begins.

Then he gives Daniel the vision of the four beasts. This is to show more details about the kingdoms/empires so they can be further identified. Example would be the bear beast And it was raised up on one side, and three ribs were in its mouth between its teeth; and thus they said to it, ‘Arise, devour much meat!’ This is a merged empire of Media-Persia that merged for the purpose of defeating Babylon, and one become the strongest which was Persia shown as when it rises up on one side. They conquered three lands/ribs. Also Greece can now be seen as having wings and four heads.

In the next vision God concentrates on just two of the four beasts the bear and the leopard of the last vision, and uses different symbolism to give further detail about these two empires of Media Persia and Greece. In this vision God is going to explain more about Media Persia being a merged empire. Then He is going to explain, using the symbol of the Goat and horns to show us how the Leopard beast got those four heads. We see that Alexander the Great was the large horn that was broken off and four horns came up in its place. So now we can look at history and see that this is talking about four of the Generals when Greece was divided. In this vision God also shows us the little horn that comes up out of one of those general's empire. It is Antiochus IV, which we know because He put a stop to the sacrifices and defiled the Temple, making him very famous in Jewish history.

In the next vision, which is a time-line vision, God concentrates on just two of the four generals. The empire of Ptolemy dynasty in Egypt (South) and the dynasty of Seleucid in the old Babylonian area (North). In this He also shows Antiochus IV once more so that we can know the time frame. This visions lists every single king of the south, Egypt, and every king of the North, Seleucid, up to the time of Antiochus IV, after which the empire failed and finally lost to the Romans.

From this vision we are shown the last king of the North in the end days, which begins at Dan 11:40. So the path God showed us is from King Neb all the way to our time so that we will know and understand that the last kingdom of the 4th beast will arise out of the same land of the North as did Antiochus IV, which is Iraq/Syria of today.

Now when Jesus begins to tell the exact same story in the Revelation to John. Jesus begins by making the four beasts of Daniel into one beast with the same 7 heads as Daniels four beasts had (Including the 4 heads of leopard beast). He tells John that the 6th head is still alive at the time of John. The 6th head is the last head of the Leopard beast (Grecian empire). That head was Parthia because that WAS the last one still alive at the time of John. No getting around that.

Jesus isn't telling a new story by starting the 7 heads before the time of King Neb and Babylon. That is where a lot of people make a mistake. It is the same exact four empires that God showed Daniel. No more and no less, because the 8th is really one of the 7 and so is just the old empire rising up once again, which I call a revived empire. . But ya must count the four heads of the leopard beast when Identifying the 7 heads.

See how it is a path to follow? God starts with a wide path and then just keeps narrowing it down until you are at the door of the last king of the North, which is the 4th beast of Daniel, and is an Islamic Caliphate rising out of that same land. As of now that would be ISIS

This is what I learned in 1991 and is the foundation of my understanding concerning The End Times Beast. Other blocks are added on top of this foundation such as Dan 9:27 and the Olivet Discourse and the results of those two read together. These are the things that are always on my mind as I read The Book of Revelation. Another block is added to the foundation such as the Harlot city being Jerusalem. The very city that the last beast will hate and burn with fire and reveal her sins. And in this I know the end time players in the Gog war.

God bless

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